Stainless Steel



Available in a Type 304 or 316, XL Blend “S” Stainless Steel

Doors: Stainless Steel doors are available in 18 gauge or 16 gauge material. Cores available from standard honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane, and laminated steel stiffened c/w fibre glass filled. Doors are available with various vision lite elevations. All welds are polished to give an overall consistent appearance.

Frames: Stainless Steel frames are available in an 18 gauge or 16 gauge 3 piece drywall type application. Frames are also available in a 16 gauge welded type, with corners fully polished to match frame finish.

Available maximum size: 3’6 x 10’0, single opening

7’0 x 10’0 double opening


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