We make a variety of fire rated and non-fire rated steel doors, built from the highest quality materials to your specifications. Choose from our stock selection of doors or have them custom built.

Flush Type

Flush Type

For standard uses in industrial and commercial application, our flush and vison lite prep doors are available various sizes, gauges, and cores.

Embossed Panel

For a more distinctive look for condo markets, hotels, and offices. Available in 1, 2, 6-Panel as well as wood grain texture.

Dutch Doors

Dutch Door

Increase the functionality of your door opening, by controlling to open or close top leaf or bottom leaf of door opening depending on your requirements.

Stainless Steel

Artek Door offers stainless steel doors for uses in pharmaceutical plants, water treatment, food processing and various applications where sanitary conditions are a concern or a higher distinctive look is required. Available in 304 XL Blend S, type material, 18 gauge & 16 gauge.

Full Weld Seam (FWS)

Full Weld Seam

For high abuse and high frequency areas, our fully welded lock seam doors are available in 16 gauge & 14 gauge face skins. Spot welded steel stiff to face of doors skins with all voids fiber glass filled.

Lead Line

For all your medical institutional requirements Artek Door offers lead line doors, available in 1/16 and 1/8 lead.