We make a variety of fire rated and non-fire rated frames, as well as custom profiles.


Drywall Frame

Standard and custom jamb depths with various profiles. 3 piece drywall frames available in 16 gauge & 18 gauge for use in pre-finished or unfinished drywall.


Masonry Frame

Standard and custom jamb depths with various profiles. 1 or 3-piece welded frames available in 14 gauge, 16 gauge and 18 gauge for use in masonry, steel stud, wood stud, block or poured concrete.


Artek Door’s adjustable frame will meet various wall thickness from a range starting at 3½” wall to 12″ wall. Available in the three model series and fire rated up to 1½ hours.


Slip-on Frame

Various wood trims can be applied to the face of this non return type frame, adding a luxurious look to this product.



When a tight seal is required, Artek Door’s Kerf frames have an integrated seal built into the profile. Mainly used on slip-on frames, but also available in our KD and DW frames.

Thermally Broken

Where cold and frost are a concern, thermally broken frames can reduce these problems on the inside of this frame.

Double Egress

Used in corridors - hospitals, schools, nursing homes and helping control the flow of direction.


Communicating Frame

Frames used between hotel rooms, for room to room access from a single frame, doors being hung on same jamb.

Stainless Steel

Artek Door offers stainless steel frames for uses in pharmaceutical plants, water treatment, food processing and various applications where sanitary conditions are a concern or a higher distinctive look is required. Available in 304 XL Blend S, type material, 16 gauge & 18 gauge.